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The Leadership Academy Online provides a series of interesting, thought-provoking “2-minute takeaway videos” that can be used to provide staff and leaders with the skill and knowledge needed to create and sustain a culture of service excellence. Click here to learn more, and contact us about bringing this program to your team or organization!

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October 1, 2017

Ramp Up Your Team Huddles Right Away!


Want to provide more engaging Team Huddle information for your staff, but don’t know where to start?  

We can create and electronically distribute customized weekly or daily Team Huddle information directly to your leaders that is guaranteed to keep everyone focused on raising the bar and elevating the customer experience from average to extraordinary.

Whether your organization does daily team huddles, weekly team huddles, or is interested in starting team huddles — the biggest barrier to overcome is having enough interesting content to keep participants engaged and eager to attend.

We’ll meet with our senior leadership team to determine where gaps exist in elevating the customer experience, write information that is tailored to the uniqueness of your organization, and make it accessible electronically so your leaders never miss a beat with interesting and engaging information to cover. We’ll even provide training on how to facilitate energizing, memorable Team Huddles.

To learn more, contact us today at tjamison@psbydesign.com. Many of our Team Huddle topics also include great 2-minute takeaway videos that can be used to reinforce the learning!

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July 4, 2017