The Six Principles of Service Excellence

Today, the vast majority of organizations deliver mediocre service. Sadly, as consumers, we have slowly come to accept mediocre service as the norm.  When consumers have several companies to choose from that offer similar services or products, what separates world-class businesses from the others is service.

In The Six Principles of Service Excellence, author Theo Gilbert-Jamison defines what world-class service is and lays out the process for achieving and sustaining it, forever.

The Six Principles of Service Excellence is essential reading for executive teams, managers, supervisors or employees searching for a comprehensive, yet simple approach that will improve service delivery, drive customer loyalty, and ultimately foster financial success!

Major features of this book

A step-by-step process for significantly elevating the level of service delivered by employees in any organization, regardless of size or industry.
Real case studies based on the best practices of world-class organizations renowned for consistently delivering exceptional service.
Tools to assist you in identifying service gaps that may be preventing your organization from driving and sustaining a culture of service excellence.
Cost efficient ideas and interventions to effectively close those service gaps.
Insight on how to apply The Six Principles in your professional and personal life.

Hardcover $24.95 / Paperback $15.95 / E-Book $9.95