Front-Line, Support, And Administrate Staff Programs

Frontline, Support, and Administrative Staff are sometimes cynical about service excellence initiatives because there is often little recognition for those who go the extra
mile in providing a delightful customer experience, and no sense of accountability for those who don’t.

Our Frontline, Support, and Administrative Staff Program starts with a half-day Service Excellence Workshop that is designed to equip them with the competence and confidence to consistently create an exceptional customer experience.  This program will:

  • Align frontline, support, and administrative staff with what is expected of them in creating and sustaining a culture of service excellence.
  • Clarify what an exceptional service excellence should Look, Sound, and Feel like to the customer.
  • Instill a sense of self-accountability for driving excellence.

The ultimate benefit is that we will help you foster a work environment where employees are committed to consistently enlivening the organization’s vision, mission, and standards of excellence. What makes us different from our competitors is that we don’t implement a cookie-cutter approach, but integrate the service philosophy of your organization to ensure employee alignment and commitment to excellence.