The Leadership Book of Numbers, Volume 1

What would happen if two of the country’s top performance consultants with more than thirty years of experience were willing to share everything they had learned about leadership effectiveness, employee engagement, and creating a strong organizational culture?  It would probably change the way you lead others.

Theo Gilbert-Jamison and Vivian Bright have done just that in The Leadership Book of Numbers, Volume 1, the second publication by Performance Solutions by Design.  They combine insights learned from thirty-plus years of success in working directly with CEOs of many premier and luxury brands.

Some of the insights shared in this book

Seven Practical Ways One Person can Make a Difference.
Identifying the Dangers that Impede Leadership Effectiveness.
The Six C’s of Leadership.
Five Things Every CEO Wants.
Nine Secrets to Transforming Culture.
Ten Simple Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty.

Also shared in this book is a wealth of invaluable leadership tips that are applicable in both your professional and personal life.

Hardcover $24.95 / Paperback $15.95 / E-Book $9.95