The Leadership Book of Numbers, Volume 2

Imagine leading a team of self-motivated, self-accountable employees who find purpose and meaning in their daily work, and look forward to creating excellence every day?  Well in her latest book, Theo Gilbert-Jamison leads you through a delightful journey to creating and sustaining a dynamic work environment that results in an exceptional customer experience day in and out.

Since publishing Volume 1 of The Leadership Book of Numbers in 2008, Theo has composed a powerful compendium of additional tips and best practices that she regularly shares with clients consisting of senior executives, board members, mid-managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

The Leadership Book of Numbers, Volume 2 was written to be a quick read that inspires you to set an all-encompassing vision, mission, and purpose that your team that will be inspired to follow and tenaciously achieve.

In a clever, practical style, this book will help you resolve common dilemmas like: How to gain the support of your C-Level and earn their respect; How do engage staff to anticipate the unexpressed wishes and needs of the customer; How to foster an environment of employee empowerment, and much more.

Hardcover $24.95 / Paperback $15.95 / E-Book $9.95