Mid-Manager & Supervisor Programs

Mid-Managers & Supervisors are often skeptical about expending valuable time and resources toward service excellence initiatives, because beyond training there a few supporting processes, tools, and resources to enable them to create sustainable change.

Our Mid-Managers Service Excellence Program starts with a full-day leadership workshop; provides them with a variety of supplemental tools and processes to drive excellence; and continues with follow-up sessions to build their skill and confidence in holding others accountable.  This program will:

  • Align mid-managers and supervisors with what is expected of them in creating and sustaining a culture of service excellence
  • Provide supporting processes and resource tools that they can implement following service excellence training
  • Provide guidance on how to foster an environment of shared-accountability for driving excellence

The ultimate benefit is that we will help you create and sustain a culture of service excellence that is consistent with the vision, vision, and business objectives of the organization. What makes us different from our competitors is that we incorporate accountability and supporting processes as part of your customized program. Contact us today for details, pricing, and to schedule your program.