Senior Leadership Programs

Let’s face it, often Senior Leaders are cautious about expending monies for service excellence initiatives because they are perceived as intangible endeavors that result in no quantifiable or sustainable change.

Our Senior Leadership Service Excellence Program begins with an Alignment Meeting (typically 90 minutes); a Service Excellence Audit to look at every aspect of your organization; and a Follow-Up Feedback/ Next Steps Session to help set your organization on the right track.  This program will:

  • Create alignment at the C-Level with what an exceptional service culture should look, sound, and feel like within the organization
  • Help senior leaders assess strengths and weaknesses (gaps) within the service culture
  • Provided recommended next steps; supporting processes, and best practices for closing gaps
  • Quantify the cost of doing nothing (remaining at status quo) in real dollars and cents

The ultimate benefit is that we will help you develop, articulate, and quantify a tangible ROI for creating and sustaining a culture of service excellence.  Most of all, what makes us different from our competitors is that they provide piece-meal solutions, while we provide a comprehensive approach for creating sustainable change.  Contact us today for details, pricing, and to schedule your program.