The Process of Accountability

Creating a culture of “shared accountability” for driving excellence is the last step in the process, and this program is available at the leadership level and well as a separate program for frontline, support, and administrative staff.

Participants walk away with sound strategies for holding themselves as well as their colleagues accountable for driving excellence.

Topics Covered

Defining Accountability
Leading Change through Accountability
Strategies for Setting Expectations
Mastering the Conversation of Accountability
Tips for Peer-to-Peer or Leader-to-Staff Accountability
Applying What You Have Learned 

This program can be customized for your organization.  A detailed agenda is available upon request

Target Audience Department Heads, Supervisors, High Potential Frontline, Support and Administrative Staff.

I really enjoyed this class - thanks so much for your time. Just when we thought we knew everything there was to know about improving employee performance, this session showed that we still have more room to grow. Excellent session, I gained new insight and it reinforced things I already knew.Chief Operating Officer, Financial Services Organization