Why Choose Us

We have a solid Senior Leadership Program that helps pinpoint root causes of poor to mediocre service within the organization; quantifies what it could be currently costing your organization in real dollars and cents; identifies the best solution for closing service gaps; and assists in implementing a strategy is guaranteed to achieve positive results

Compound that with a comprehensive Mid-Manager & Supervisory Program that helps leaders take the lead in creating a culture of service excellence; provides customized supporting processes to sustain the culture; and teaches best practices and tips for fostering an environment of shared-accountability for driving excellence.

Then top it off with an energizing program for Frontline, Support, and Administrative Staff that aligns them with what service excellence should Look, Sound, and Feel like to the customer; ongoing communication geared at sustaining enthusiasm and commitment to excellence; and a reward and recognition system that recognizes those who consistently deliver a memorable experience to the customer, and individualized coaching for those who don’t meet expectations.

We are the leading provider of Service Excellence Consulting, Workshops, Training Tools & Resources, and Processes for every level within your organization.  Our program catalog is updated regularly, so contact us today by email (info@psbydesign.com) or telephone 404-492-7966 for a copy of the latest issue.